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Do you want to single-handedly make a drastic difference in the world around you? Do you want to personally impact the lives of all future generations? Do you want to play a critical part in revolutionizing education as we know it? Then lock arms with us and let’s rewrite history. It all starts one awesome kid at a time.

At Menachem Mendel Academy, we are very clear on our mission. We have a massive responsibility of molding the next generation of Jewish leaders. But in our modern era where the world is constantly evolving at light speed, we can’t expect to produce innovative thinkers who are prepared to manage the challenges of tomorrow if we simply continue to repeat the same archaic educational systems that have been failing us for decades.

Our existing school systems were built as a one-size-fits-all approach to education. They were actually developed during the industrial revolution, when children were likened to every other mass assembly factory that was being built at the time. Unlike machinery or widgets, children will never flourish, thrive, or tap into their Divine purpose if they are treated like a production line. All children are unique and must be nurtured with love and respect, allowing their creativity and individuality to blossom, while still gently grooming them to work as a successful member of a team and contribute to the community around them. Is it always easy? Of course not. Some kids have complicated situations and many challenges to overcome, while others seems to just breeze right through. But, every child is good and wants to do good, if given the right environment and nurturing. We give them that at MMA, but we don’t stop there.

What if we could create a world where Jewish education is the benchmark for all people?  What if Jewish graduates where the most competent, qualified and skilled high-performers of the next generation? What if these same graduates were the most kind, compassionate, caring, self-aware, refined, and responsible of the group? And most importantly, what if these Jewish graduates were 100% rooted in the truth of Torah, which groomed them to be happy, centered, and strong across all sectors of the human psyche: emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally. This is changing the world. And it begins one child at a time. This is what we are creating here at Menachem Mendel Academy. Come partner with us…you’re just in time to save the world!

As we are a non-profit organization, all donations are tax deductible. Any amount will make a huge difference! Click the button below to donate now, Or click here  to email us for more information. Thank you for your partnership in revolutionizing education to build our leaders of tomorrow!

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