Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

pressrelease-image-1024x682.jpgMMA’s Historic Ribbon Cutting Ceremony August 19, 2018

Menachem Mendel Academy, Scottsdale

August 19, 2018 When people come together, something truly remarkable occurs: achdus (unity). This past Sunday, people from all over the greater Jewish community in Arizona came together to celebrate the art of education. Menachem Mendel Academy was blessed to have speakers coming from all over the valley to give blessings and success to the new school. Rabbi Yecheskel Friedman (Phoenix Ezras Cholim), Rabbi Chaim Milrad (Kochavim youth center), Rabbi Yossi Levertov (Chabad of Scottsdale) and Kathy Littlefield (Scottsdale council woman) all gave their brachos and warm regards to the exciting new venture that is MMA.

“The leaders and visionaries of Menachem Mendel Academy are passionate about Jewish education. The school they have created strives to provide the highest standards of education to a broad range of Jewish children from all over the Valley, teaching them to love Hashem and love being Jewish. I am confident that this will be a positive addition to our community,” Rabbi Jordan Brumer, rabbi of JAC.

Community Impact

The need for an “out of the box,” Jewish day school will greatly enhance local Jewish life here in the Valley. Embracing best practices from several different methods, Menachem Mendel Academy (MMA) strives to create a truly unique and highly creative learning environment. “I am delighted to know that Menachem Mendel Academy will soon be opening its doors to Jewish Children. The school has excellent vision and core values, with commitment towards educating all Jewish children learning both traditional Torah texts and secular education; as well as mastering the life skills necessary to lead a Torah observant life in today’s modern society.” Dr. Jeffrey Becker, Neurologist.

The Schoolhouse Model for MMA is truly revolutionary. Modern day technology laced with ancient wisdom comes together to create a breath of fresh air in the lens of traditional Jewish learning. AI, gardening, creative learning disciplines, art, and an infusion of modern-day teaching methods make this school something special. More information about the school’s mission and core values can be found at https://menachemmendelacademy.com/.

Founded in 2018, Menachem Mendel Academy will become a major force in local education. The school will offer numerous resources to the greater Arizona Jewish community as well.

For more information on registration:

Chaya Mushka Ben-Shabat (480)-909-6942 chaya@menachemmendelacademy.com