Summer Safety

We can’t wait to see your kiddos on the first day of school this Fall, but we know you’ve got lots of looooooooong, hot summer days between now and then! ?

So, today we’re sharing with you some tips on how to keep your awesome kiddos safe in the summer heat.  While we know that children love to play outside, even if it is 110º, it is very important for you to monitor their outside play and know summer safety rules to keep them safe and healthy. 

Did you know that temperatures above 90º pose health risks, especially for children, pets, and the elderly? Phoenix summer temperatures skyrocket way above that and all too often accidents and illnesses happen because people didn’t know, or follow, some simple healthy, life-saving rules. 

Six Summer Safety Tips

Here are just a few safety tips from that can help you get started on safe, healthy and comfortable ways to beat the heat! 

  1. Stay hydrated. Even if you think you have drunk enough water, drink some more!
  2. If you’re feeling hot, find some shade or come indoors to the air conditioning. Once you’re too hot, it’s too late and dehydration symptoms can begin including a stomachache, dizziness and headache.
  3. Wear a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen.  Sunscreen should be applied every two hours and have an SPF of 15-30. Make sure sunglasses have UV protection.
  4. Select clothes that have a tight weave yet are still lightweight. Many brands of children’s clothes now include UV protection.
  5. If possible, avoid being outside between 10am and 4pm when UV rays are strongest.
  6. Water safety is so important! Please make sure that your children are always accompanied by a responsible adult when in and around water.

Wishing you a cool week!