Ideas for Summer Fun

Hey Mom,

Looking for some ideas to beat summer boredom without breaking the bank?

We know what those long, hot summer days can be like…

If we had a nickel for everytime we heard, “Mom, I’m bored!”, we’d all be on our own island paradise by now!

At MMA ELC, we believe the “learning is fun” philosophy can help get you through those never-ending summer months.

So, we’ve got your back even when school isn’t in session!  

Let’s find something to do!

Why not step out of your routine and try something new?   What better time to introduce your child to a museum or a creative activity during a hot day or evening. 

There is always something to do in Phoenix and its surrounding areas, and many things are FREE or offered at a discounted rate at least one day during the week. 

Free and Low Cost Activities in Phoenix and surrounding areas:

  1. The Children’s Museum of Phoenix – no description needed for this national treasure!
  1. Story Hour – Get together with a group of Moms in the Jewish Community and create your own rotating Story Hour.
  1. Inside Mall Playgrounds – Scottsdale Fashion Square or Arrowhead
  1. Splash Pads – Scottsdale Quarter,  City Scape, or Anthem Outlets
  1. Museum of Natural History – The dinosaur exhibit can be a fantastic conversation starter on the Torah’s explanation of Creation!
  1. Indoor Picnics – Break out the picnic basket and create all the fun of a picnic, but without the heat!  Let your kiddos pick the menu, toss in some frozen treats, and mix in a few old fashioned games like potato sack and three-legged races.  Make sure to have your camera ready, because these are golden memories in the making!
  1. Farmer’s Markets – there are several great local markets you can hit early on a Sunday morning to beat the heat

For more information and other fantastic ideas on new things to do, click here!

We are looking forward to nurturing the creative genius of your little ones this school year. Click here to enroll online!