Core Values

Core Values

  1. Torah is Life
  • Knowledge is power. To know G-d’s way is to connect with G-d’s essence in the deepest way possible. Torah is the looking-glass with which we view the world. 
  • All knowledge stems from Torah.  At MMA, math, science, history, social studies, reading, writing, and the arts are all taught through a Torah perspective.
  • MMA focuses on educating happy, refined, solutions-oriented leaders, who are accomplished, loyal, proud, and compassionate Jews.
  • The same way a soul is connected to the body, Jews are tied to each other and the Land of Israel. We strive to instill our students with a loving attachment to the Land of Israel, the Jewish people, and a sense of responsibility for their welfare.

2. Life Skills are Crucial 

  • The wise King Solomon described the Torah saying, “its ways are pleasant ways (darchei noam) and all its paths are peace (shalom).” At MMA we seek to model a courteous and gentle approach. 
  • We believe that every child is good and will do good if s/he can. 
  • Life-skills like critical thinking, problem solving, communication, leadership, emotional-management, time-management, and goal setting are equally important as textbook data.

3. Holistic Happiness  

  • The word Shalom is from the root word shalem, which means, to be whole. We nurture the whole child – their physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual well-being. 
  • We teach our students self-control and healthy boundaries; guiding and developing  students to have respect for themselves, others, and the property of others. We focus on building character traits (middot), including gratitude and modesty (tzniut). Consequences for poor choices and behavior are learning experiences for the future, not punishment.
  • Art, music, sports, gardening, and teamwork are essential parts of the curriculum and make learning fun. 
  • MMA proudly promotes true health for a lifetime! Students learn how happiness, nutrition, exercise, and being proactive with their health are the essential keys to longevity.

4. World-Class Academics through Customized Education

  • Students often learn faster and perform better in smaller classrooms. At MMA, we help our students strive for excellence by utilizing a curriculum designed specifically for each child. 
  • Frequent evaluations help us monitor and understand the individual learning curve of each student, to encourage advancement in their success without excessive tests.
  • Outstanding teachers make our model possible. We insist on excellent pay, a supportive environment, and fulfilling roles for our MMA Team.
  • Parental partnership is also key to student success. MMA encourages parents to share their passions, contribute to school activities, and model life-long learning.                              

5. Goodness and Kindness

  • Kindness and concern for the welfare of others are a hallmark of the Jewish people.
  • Frequent chesed projects and field trips allow MMA students the opportunity to develop compassion and give back to the community by volunteering at elderly homes, food banks, animal shelters, and helping children with disabilities. 
  • As Jews, we work hard to protect the environment and sustain Hashem’s resources for future generations.

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