Curriculum & Schedule

Curriculum Overview

The MMA curriculum works to nurture and develop the whole child.  Our teachers work with a uniquely customized curriculum that meets or exceeds the Arizona standards in an engaging and personable style that fully infuses our Core Values into every facet of daily life.

Our curriculum features the traditional academic subjects, including but not limited to Maths, Language Arts, Social Studies, Sciences, Arts and Culture, Humanities, Environmental Studies, Gardening, History, Technology, and Geography.  These subjects are fully integrated and delivered through Torah lessons, concepts, and principles.

In addition to the standard Jewish and Academic studies, we will also include a strong emphasis on personal development.  Our mission is to help our students learn and master the critically important, yet often underestimated life skills that are required to thrive in today’s environment.  Time-management, emotional-management, communication skills, leadership, goal-setting, home-management, nutrition, money-management, and long-term planning are just a few of the skills that our boys will strive to learn.

While MMA encourages and cultivates each child’s unique brilliance, we also maintain high academic and interpersonal standards. Thus, the classroom environment is animated but respectful, engaging but with healthy boundaries. Our goal is complete excellence, focused in each child’s own special way.  When given the opportunity, students take responsibility and pride in their own growth and learning. You can read more detailed information on the curriculum through each of the individual sections below:

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