Frequently Asked Questions

What grades are included?

We are currently open to boys and girls, grades 1- 4 . Additional ages will be added each year. We are also opening our pre-school, The Menachem Mendel Academy Early Learning Center with the 2021-2022 academic year.

Are there plans for a high school?

MMA is currently open through 4th grade. The next phase of our long-term plan includes expansion to a high school, as well as additional schools for children of all nations.  If you are interested in hearing more about our expansion plans, please click here.

Is this a “special-ed” school?

No. While MMA considers ALL children to be special, and therefore all education should be special, this is not a “special education” school in the traditional sense of the world. MMA specializes in customized education for each and every student, including “gifted and talented students” as well as “normal and average” students. (It should be strongly noted that MMA does not consider ANY child to be normal or average, and we are only using this terminology for the purpose of traditional explanation.)

Where is the school located?

This school is located in Scottsdale, AZ.  To schedule a tour of our brand new facility, please contact admin@menachemmendelacademy.com.

Who are the teachers?

We are extremely proud of our Dream Team of Teachers, Faculty, and Staff.  We will continue to actively seek experienced and enthusiastic creative Jewish teachers with a passionate desire to innovate and the initiative to help us pioneer our new school system as we expand into both older and younger boys, as well as the girls schools.  We are committed to reward our staff with excellent pay and a fantastic environment as part of our Core Values.  Please contact  admin@menachemmendelacademy.com to submit a resume or request more information.

What is the annual tuition?

Tuition includes most activities, plus all meals and snacks that will be freshly made from kosher, organic, plant-based ingredients.  Please contact our office to discuss exact tuition details.  We have a commitment to turn no child away due to financial constraints.  Please click here to read more about our tuition philosophy.

Are scholarships available?

Please click here to learn more about our tuition assistance program.  If you are interested in donating scholarships for excellent education to Jewish children, click here.

Why are you including organic, plant-based food as part of your tuition?

Tuition will include all snacks and daily lunches that will be freshly made from kosher, organic, plant-based ingredients, because we understand the critical short and long-term effects that food has on all humans, especially children, specifically affecting their ability to learn and successfully manage their environment.  This is merely one component in our Core Value of Holistic Happiness.

How is your curriculum built?

Please click here to learn more about our fully integrated curriculum.  

Do you have separate classes for boys and girls?

Yes.  Please click here to learn more about modern research that shows scientific benefits of teaching separated genders. 

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