Menachem Mendel Academy is actively working on relocating our school to Scottsdale, and we need YOUR help!

Hear from MMA’s Founder and CEO, Chaya Mushka Ben-Shabat

Scottsdale, Arizona is a heavily populated Jewish community.  Sadly, the vast majority of these children are currently attending public schools.   In fact, in some Scottsdale public schools, as much as one-third of the student body is estimated to be Jewish!

There is currently no orthodox school in Scottsdale.

Attending the nearest orthodox school in Phoenix requires a family to commit to two hours per day to transport their child to and from school during peak traffic time.  Most families do not have the ability to maintain their jobs and this commute. 

At MMA, we are working hard to rescue Jewish children from public schools, and we are thrilled that we have already been able to bring into our tent several of those children and provide them with an excellent orthodox education.  We have also heard from many families in the Scottsdale community that they would love to move their children out of the public-school system and into an orthodox school. 

To that end, we are working very aggressively to purchase a beautiful 5-acre campus in the heart of Scottsdale that would be a dream educational center for warm and loving Jewish chinuch.

The current layout has capacity for over 200 children with room for expansion.  We have plans to put a pool into the grounds and offer after-school and summer activities for the entire community.

And there’s even a bonus to the story:

The property was originally a conservative Jewish synagogue that was purchased by a church and then sold to a charter school, which has now gone out of business.  We have the ability to restore this amazing property to Jewish ownership and transform it into a kosher home of kedusha and light!

The Timing is Urgent!

Time is of extreme essence in this situation, because this ideal property will not stay on the market for long, and we need financial support from the greater Jewish community in order to make this move.

But the potential location isn’t the only thing that makes MMA special.

Not your everyday orthodox school

Menachem Mendel Academy is not just any ordinary orthodox school. Here are just two key points that set us apart from the crowd:

Holistic Wellness

For starters, we are massive advocates of Holistic Wellness.  What does that mean, exactly?

It means we value every child’s overall health, wellness and happiness – not just their test scores.

This includes their physical, emotional, social, and spiritual health.

MMA proudly supports every family’s rights to medical freedoms and making their own choices of how to best support and protect the health of their children.

We understand the strong correlation between the food a child consumes and their ability to thrive during the school day.  Therefore, we provide organic, plant-based, kosher foods made from scratch as part of our school day.

Academic Excellence through Customized Curriculums

At MMA, we create a customized curriculum for each student.  This allows every child to maximize their own personal potential instead of “teaching to the middle”.

No family should have to sacrifice a great education to be in a healthy Jewish environment, and vice versa.  We hold extremely high academic standards for our student body, and we have an ongoing commitment to far surpass the USA national average testing scores. 

Yet, we reach our results through unconventional means that actually equip our children to thrive today as happy children and into the future as high-performing adults and leaders in society.   To learn more about our commitment to academic excellence, click here to read our Classroom Philosophy.

To find out more about what makes MMA special, click here to read our Core Values.

We need your help!

Partner with us to bring an Orthodox Jewish School to Scottsdale and rewrite the future for these families!

You can donate directly from this page or contact Menachem Mendel Academy’s CEO:


Please join us in helping to create the first Yeshiva in Scottsdale!

Below are opportunities to personally dedicate one of the buildings on what, G-d willing, will shortly be our school’s campus. What a special way to leave a living legacy in your namesake!

Campus – $2,000,000

Building A (Shul) – $500,000

Building B (Admin, Cafeteria & 
Multi-Purpose Room) – $250,000

Industrial Kosher Kitchens – $100,000

Building C (Primary School) – $150,000

Building D (Preschool) – $100,000

Modular 1 (2 Classes) – $60,000

Modular 2 (2 Classes) – $60,000 

Modular 3 (2 Classes) – $60,000

Modular 4 (2 Classes) – $60,000

For a Dedication Opportunity, please leave your information below or contact:

Mordechai Ben-Shabat, 
MMA Co-Founder & CFO
Cell: 602-400-2245
Office: 480-591-1770

Thank you for your support!