Leadership Team

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We are humbly grateful & extremely PROUD to announce our
Founding Teachers & Leadership Team!
(Listed in alphabetical order)


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Hadassah Brofman – Curriculum Designer & Teacher

More affectionately known to most as Morah Dassi!  Although born and raised in the USA, she is relocating from Sydney, Australia along with her husband and daughter, where she has been the “secular” studies teacher for K-12 at a private Jewish school.  As part of her responsibilities, she designed and implemented an entirely integrated system for the school curriculum with great success.  With Morah Dassi, learning is fun, hands-on, and full of meaningful experiences. She has been trained in and implemented the Nurtured Heart Approach in her classrooms and believes in celebrating the awesomeness in every child. She is also a trained music educator who teaches every instrument in a band and orchestra, as well as choir.  She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education from the University of Washington with a minor in Education, Learning, and Societies with an emphasis in achievement gap schools, plus a teaching certificate.  Dassi says she is so excited to be a part of MMA and looks forward to learning and growing with our family!

Daniela Golshani – Administrative Director   I9BT7eJDRaqUQjhKRpqa1w

Daniela Golshani, originally a California native,  has found her home in Arizona. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from National University.  Daniela is
passionate about helping children and has worked as a social worker and counselor for over fifteen years. She believes every child deserves to feel heard, safe, and valued. She specializes in behavior management and assertive communication. She has worked at mental health facilities, schools, probation programs, and in the foster care system, advocating for children of all ages. She is a certified Anger Management Instructor. She is a certified Parenting Instructor and has developed and taught multiple programs for the community.  Daniela has worked as a member of multiple disaster response teams and has responded to major national crises, including the Las Vegas shooting and California fires, where she led a team that debriefed the victims and helped them process through these tragic events. She is trained in bereavement counseling and spent a year working with Hospice providing grief education to schools and children facing unbearable losses. She volunteers her time and expertise with local law enforcement agencies and advocacy centers as a sexual assault and domestic violence advocate.  Daniela is happily married with two beautiful children.

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Shmuel Gruys – Teacher

Reb Shmuel was born and raised in the heart of Arizona but has had the privilege to live in several places around the world. Israel, New York and New Jersey have all been called home for Shmuel. During his travels, he studied in a number of yeshivos including Aish Hatorah, Sh’or Yoshuv and The Rabbinical College of America in Morristown. He also graduated from Thomas Edison State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. Creativity and unity are at the forefront of his teaching beliefs. Every person has something unique and beautiful to offer to Hashem, and Shmuel works to find that inherit spark in each individual person on his path. Shmuel began his teaching career at Torah Day School and recently has worked as a shadow at The Cheder Lubavitch of Arizona. But for Shmuel, teaching isn’t always geared towards a classroom. He has had the privilege of private tutoring numerous kids in Arizona and likes to take teaching to other parts of the community as well. He gives chassidus classes every other Friday at local skate parks as a means of outreach.  Shmuel is an avid believer in bringing people together through learning and community service. Throughout his entire life, he has been engrossed in helping his community. He was extensively involved as a member of the Volunteer Fire Department in Crown King, as well as the EAR Foundation.  More recently, Shmuel has shifted his focus to Chabad of ASU and The Friendship Circle. In his free time, Shmuel is also enthralled by photography, music, and creative writing, plus staying active through nature hikes, swimming and weight lifting. Cooking has also become a true passion of his, and he loves the challenge of making kosher food exciting and modern.

R Milard


Rabbi Chaim Milrad – Kodesh Director

Chaim Milrad, originally from Hollywood, Florida, began sharing his passion for learning with others at the young age of 12. He taught his first student the Hebrew letters and just 6 months later, the 7-year-old was able to sing in shul! Chaim attended numerous schools of advanced education, receiving his Bachelor’s Degree from Talmudic University and his semicha (official Rabbinical ordination) from HaRav Dovid Ostroff. He has taught hundreds of students, including boys and girls, men and married couples, and has been a mentor to numerous individuals. Using the Torah as his life source, Chaim makes learning fun and exciting for all ages. He taught in numerous schools throughout Miami and New York before moving with his family to Arizona, where he has been on staff at Yeshiva High School of Arizona, Torah Day School of Phoenix, Phoenix Hebrew Academy, and Shearim High School for Girls.  Chaim has also led numerous after-school programs and ran an entire summer camp.  He emphasizes the importance of asking questions and aims to help each of his students truly love Torah and being Jewish. He and his wife, Malka, have been married over 10 years and have three children, Rachel, Chana, and Simcha.  When Chaim isn’t learning, he can sometimes be found playing chess or writing.

Ester Mirakov Cohen – Human Resources Coordinator549bd2da-d2b5-4d67-838c-f30de4b5db01

Hailing from the Big Apple, Ester Mirakov Cohen has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and has recently Graduated with a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management from Touro University. She was born in Israel and is fluent in three different languages, due to her family background.  She is very passionate about talent acquisition, as well as maintaining a cohesive work environment. Her experiences include managing challenging work atmospheres and being a useful resource to all employees. Ester is happily married with two kids and a dog, and is a loving and dedicated wife. She is very excited to become a part of the MMA team.

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Ari Parkhurst – Teacher

Reb Parkhurst was born and raised in Los Angeles. From a young age, he has dedicated his life to educating the Jewish community. He attended The University of California San Diego, studying both chemistry and economics, achieving a Bachelor of Science in Management Science. In 2009, Mr. Parkhurst moved to Phoenix and studied business management at the University of Phoenix. There he attained a BS in Business Management with a directed focus of Organizational Behavior.  Married in 2011, he and his wife moved to Eretz Yisrael where he studied at Yeshivat Darche Noam in their single year international program. Since moving back to Scottsdale, in addition to becoming the blessed father of two amazing children, he has served in a wide range of roles throughout the Jewish community; these range from synagogue administrator at Ahavas Torah, mashgiach at local kosher restaurants, private tutor and counselor for at-risk children, to lead educator of science and applied math at The Yeshiva High school of Arizona.   Married for seven years, Ari is a dedicated husband and loving father. He is passionate about communal and personal growth. His hobbies include sailing, traveling, classical music, history, philosophy, and a wide range of artistic and cultural appreciation. He takes pride in bringing out the best in others, nurturing eager young minds, and helping to refine the Jewish community.