Infant & Toddler Program

Registration now open

Our infant and toddler program is now officially open with extremely limited registration to offer an at-home, family feel for our youngest children. They will be nurtured and supported in a loving environment that both stimulates their growth and soothes their tender spirits.

We are a boutique school and we pride ourselves in small class sizes, with each child being treated as a very special member of our family. We feature very limited student-teacher ratios to ensure that each child receives ample attention, support, and care.

Infant Class

Your baby is your most precious asset, and we are honored to be a chosen as an extended part of your family. We’re not a daycare; we’re a home away from home where both you and your child can feel safe, comforted, and care free. 

Our highly trained infant teachers partner with you to ensure your baby’s developmental needs are met every step of the way. We work with you to create a consistent schedule between home and school. We develop predictable routines and quality time that fosters social and emotional development.  

Tummy time, outdoor play, songs, games, cuddles, and giggles are abundant in our MMA ELC Infant room. With a focus on age-appropriate, natural materials, your infant will be introduced to sensory play, art, music, language, and fine/gross motor activities, all in a loving, wholesome Jewish environment.

Toddler Class

As your baby continues to develop, our Toddler program supports every step of their growth. At MMA, we believe the world is our classroom, and we aim to foster curious exploration from the earliest ages. Toddlers learn best through purposeful play, and our environment is designed to facilitate the cultivation of their absorbent minds through a strategically designed day full of joyful, playful education.

Our professionally trained toddler teachers maintain healthy routines for each child and focus on strong social emotional bonds. We also focus on preschool readiness, with activities like listening and following instructions, participating in group projects, and introduction to literacy and numeracy foundations. Age appropriate life skills are also included in our daily curriculum, such as navigating family style meal times, handling big emotions, potty training, and participating in clean-up time.

Plant-Based Organic Food

At MMA ELC, we spare no expense in providing the absolute best care for your child, including body, mind, and soul. We include high quality, kosher, plant-based snacks and meals, prepared fresh daily on site by our in-house chef. This includes foods that are both age and developmentally appropriate for infants who are transitioning to solid foods for the first time and toddlers who may have delicate taste buds. Our goal is happy, thriving children who are excited to explore the world of nutritious, delicious foods!

It is our belief that not only must we nurture the minds of our children, but also foster a lifelong commitment to true physical wellness using tasty and nourishing ingredients that create strong, healthy bodies.

MMA is proud to offer the only kosher, organic, plant-based, sustainable school food program in the country.

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A sparkling clean, sanitized environment is one of our baseline commitments at MMA. Kids are kids, and “messes” are a part of daily life in a child’s world. In fact, messes are not only expected, but another opportunity for organic learning when true educational fun is taking place in an active children’s environment.

Happy, wholesome clean-up time is an integral part of every activity at MMA ELC. At the same time, germs do tend to spread quickly amongst children, even in the cleanest situations, and we work extremely hard to keep our environment safe and healthy, no matter what the season.

Our MMA ELC staff is highly trained in cleaning and sanitation protocols that take place throughout each day and after operational hours. We use only safe, natural cleaning products in the classroom to ensure that our children are not exposed to toxic chemicals.

In the event that bleach needs to be used, we administer it after operational hours and use a protocol that purifies the room, materials, and air before children return to the class.

Tours and Enrollment

If you would like to be contacted for more information, request a tour, or be added to our notification list for 2022 Spring or Fall Open Enrollment Updates, please fill out the following Expression of Interest Form. Full pricing and details are available upon request.