Our Leadership Team

Executive Director – Theresa Flynn

Over the past thirty years, Theresa has served as an elementary teacher, guidance counselor, assistant principal and K-12 principal. She most recently served for ten years in a corporate leadership role creating policies and procedures within a for-profit academic environment while monitoring compliance for federal guidelines.

Theresa believes that everyone has the ability to learn in their own unique ways through love, patience and understanding. She has devoted her career to helping children reach their full potential while feeling safe and excited about coming to school each day.

She says, “I am excited to bring my skills as an educational leader to the wider community to ensure our children’s success. Through communication and collaboration, we will succeed.  I am honored to join this beautiful mission, and I believe in a bold new future, ensuring we have the most influential voice in private education for years to come.

Curriculum & Professional Development Director – Vicky Perez

Vicky says, “My twenty-five plus of joyful years in educating children and families are the results of my mission and passion for high quality learning and the goal of creating significant contributions to our society.  I believe that all children can learn creatively using a viable, research based-curriculum, with outstanding strategies by a team of forward thinking, like-minded, collaborative, and outstanding educators in a non-threatening and nurturing environment.”

With her long years of rich experiences in the field of education, she is an expert in the implementation of a research-backed, project-based learning curriculum, multiple intelligences, and data-driven instruction. Before moving into leadership and training, she taught and worked with all grade levels from infants through-12th grade, teaching the core subjects which include chemistry, biology, and earth science, was a curriculum developer, overhauler, and academic activity coordinator.

Vicky has served in different organizational set-ups:  exclusive private schools, high performing and nationally recognized not-profit charter schools, as well as federally funded non-profit head start programs. Prior to COVID, she operated her own “outside the box”, high-quality project-based learning private preschool for 10 years.

She was born and raised in the Philippines and is very passionate about the opportunity to contribute to our global vision and share our educational model with underserved children around the world, including her own home country.