Early Learning Center

We are thrilled to announce our brand new preschool, the Menachem Mendel Academy Early Learning Center.

girl in white long sleeve dress sitting on brown wooden chair cutting paper

The MMA ELC in Scottsdale is opening its doors for the 2021 – 2022 Academic Year, serving children ages three – five.

Our preschool program is a language immersion program, with instruction taught in both English and Hebrew. We are a boutique preschool, and we pride ourselves in small class sizes, with each child being treated as a very special member of our family.

The MMA ELC curriculum is an integration of academics, life skills, social emotional development, and a strong, happy Jewish foundation. We feature a loving, nurturing environment that promotes holistic learning and a love of learning as the critical building blocks for lifelong academic excellence.

What makes the MMA ELC different?

At Menachem Mendel Academy’s Early Learning Center, our curriculum is designed to equip our students to thrive in today’s world, while simultaneously preparing them to be the Leaders of Tomorrow. Our curriculum includes traditional Jewish knowledge and wisdom, outstanding academics, daily life skills, and character development, all within a child-focused, loving and creative learning environment.

Jewish Studies

Our Jewish curriculum is taught and modeled throughout the entire day.  Students learn about the Jewish holidays and calendar, Shabbat, and the unique Jewish culture.  They will grow with a healthy love of Hashem, love of all Jews around the world, and love for the land of Israel.

Dual-Language Immersion

All areas of study are done in both English and Hebrew creating bilingual learners. Studies show that children who are introduced to a second language at an early age are typically more creative than their counterparts who can only communicate in their first language. It has also been found the cognitive skills they learn can lead to better academic outcomes.

Click here to download a summary of some of the many benefits of a dual-language program.


Our project-based learning system is designed to create the highest standards in literacy and numeracy outcomes for kindergarten readiness.

Mathematics: Looking at the calendar each day is a wonderful way to introduce math concepts to our youngest students by learning to count and recognize numbers from 0-31. Colors, shapes, months, seasons, and daily phrases in both English Hebrew are introduced during this time and used throughout the day.

Language Arts: Preschoolers will be introduced to daily journal entries. Special projects will be done that correlate to the letter of the week introducing new words and developing hands-on skills for fine motor development.


MMA offers a Fine Arts program that introduces children at the age of 3 to artists through the 21st Century. The children will learn about multiple artists throughout the year and create artwork that is inspired by those artists. Covers areas of fine and gross motor skills, mathematics, emotional skills, language, art, and science.


Music class will introduce different types of music and break it down to identify the rhythm and tonal patterns of the songs through sing-a-longs, dancing, instruments, and nursery rhymes. Your child will learn basic music competency that will help them move toward primary music competency and the ability to play a musical instrument such as the piano or violin. Songs will be introduced in English and Hebrew. Covers areas of fine and gross motor skills, mathematics, emotional skills, language, and art.

Organic Garden

MMA ELC students will take care of their own organic garden. This will introduce them to gardening and the science behind it. Students will learn the importance of composting, sustainability, how to plant, the cycle of growth for plants, and how to build, maintain and care for a garden. Covers areas of fine and gross motor skills, mathematics, language, and science.

Plant-Based Kosher Meals

In addition to our academic and Jewish studies, MMA ELC will offer high quality, kosher vegetarian snacks and lunches. It is our belief that not only must we take care of our minds, but also take care of our bodies using delicious and healthy ingredients that keep our whole body healthy.

Field Trips

Multiple Field Trips will be planned throughout the year that are designed to enhance the themes and curriculum while furthering their early childhood development.

We are now open for tours and enrollment.

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Click here to read the story of our preschool opening in the Arizona Jewish News.