– Rabbi Shalom Menachem Mendel Shagalov: Educator, Lecturer, Friend, Father, Grandfather, and Scholar Brooklyn, New York

Menachem Mendel Academy is the school of the future.  Your child will learn how to be a good, fine person according to Torah standards, who is proud of his Jewishness, proud of his existence, and proud of his addition to society.  In this environment, your children will finally be able to thrive in every aspect: academically, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. The entire concept of MMA is that no Jewish child is left behind.  Every child deserves a strong foundation and will be nurtured to grow in his own way, according to the standards of Torah, so that they can better the world and make it into a greater place.  The staff and educators at MMA are carefully hand-picked and each one of them is an asset and gift to the school.  Because they know they are special and part of a uniquely special mission, they are going to individualize the experience for each of the children so that they, in turn, can grow as a gift to our world.  This is the foundation of Torah; being a good, loving, caring, and kind person comes even before learning the Torah, and this is the basis of MMA.  Yes, they will be brilliant and accomplished, but they will also be refined, skilled, humble, compassionate, and kind; all of which are critical for thriving in today’s world.  Please, please send your children here, because this is the future.