Tuition and Fees

Our ultimate goal is to provide 100% FREE education to all of our students.  We are not there yet, but we are extremely confident that we will get there, with the help of Hashem and the support of our global community.  In the meantime, we are implementing a tuition-assistance program for any families in need.


Click here to contact the MMA Office for details on tuition for the current school year.

Tuition includes most activities, plus all meals and snacks that are freshly made from kosher, organic, plant-based ingredients.  We have a commitment to turning NO child away on finances.

Please click here for help with tuition assistance.


Registration: Menachem Mendel Academy charges a non-refundable $200 registration fee for each year and a $150 non-refunable fee for each sibling (yearly) after the first child.

Instructional Resource Fee and Material Fee (R & M Fee): An annual R & M fee for each primary school student of $150 is collected at the end of the previous school year on June 1 or upon new student enrollment for the upcoming year. The fee covers books, instructional supplies, and additional primary school programs.

Sibling Discounts

The first sibling of a MMA student will receive a 10% tuition discount.  All additional siblings will each receive a 15% tuition discount.

Payment Options and Methods

Parents may choose to pay from several increment options.  Payments can be made annually (one payment,) semi-annually (two payments,) quarterly (four payments) or monthly (ten payments.)  In addition, there are multiple payment methods available, including credit cards, automatic checking account withdrawal (ACH,) and online payments.  If parents choose the annual, semi-annual or quarterly payment options, they may also pay by check.  Parents paying monthly are required to use one of the automatic electronic payment methods.