Dear Parents,

In just over a week we will be reading the Hagada together with our families at the Seder. One of the highlights of the Hagada are the four sons. Strangely, the wise son doesn't seem so wise. All he does is ask questions; he doesn't seem to know any more than any of the others. Why do we even care what they ask? Who are these people and why are they so important?

In reality everyone of us is, or at least can be, all of these sons. After all, no matter how intelligent or learned any of us are, we are still finite and therefore have limits as to what we can know and understand. When we find ourselves in this situation, we are the simple child, asking "what's going on"? At times, we could even find ourselves so far outside our comfort zone that we become the fourth son, when we don't even know what to ask. The question is, what are we going to do next?

Often, when people find themselves beyond their areas of expertise, outside their comfort zone, they become defensive. "I don't care anyway", "I'm not interested", "This is stupid". In other words, everyone of us has the potential to become the rasha, the wicked son. What should one do instead? We should learn, ask questions, and ask someone to teach us.

This is the wise son. Why is he wise? Not because he necessarily knows more than anyone else, but because he has the strength of character and maturity to realize what he knows, what he doesn't know, and that he can always try his best to learn more. He is wise because he asks questions. He is not afraid to admit he does not know, he does not become defensive and say, "who cares", and instead he asks questions and acquires new knowledge.

The MMA way is the path of the wise son. We educate and inspire our students to want to learn more. To not be afraid to say, "I don't know", to ask questions, to step outside our comfort zones, and to be willing to try new things.

Don't forget to join us for our annual Model Seder this Monday at 2pm. Please invite your family and friends.

May Hashem bless us all this Pesach that we merit to all become the wise son. May we merit to celebrate this Pesach in Yerushalayim!

Wishing the entire MMA Family a kosher, joyous, healthy, meaningful, & uplifting Pesach,

Rabbi Wernick

Dear Parents,

We can't wait to see you join us for our Model Seder on Monday!

Gut Shabbos from your MMA Family!

We are excited to announce that our MMA Yarmulkas have arrived!!!

They are available for purchase at the office for $9. Please call Shira to order yours!

Please ensure your child brings a water bottle and sun hat to school.