Why Plant-Based Foods?

Why plant-based foods?

Again, you are what you eat.  So, a body that is fueled with primarily nutrient-dense foods will operate better, plain and simple.  Think of it this way: Would you fill a Lamborghini with tar?  No.  Would you feed a Kentucky Derby-winning race horse cokes and candy bars?  No.  And, isn’t every human body more precious to Hashem than a car or horse?  Of course.  So, how have we fallen into the trap of stuffing our bodies with garbage every single day?  Food should come from a farm, not a factory!

Because we know that processed foods and modern-day animal products are a direct source of harm to the human body, we refrain from including them on our menus at MMA.  Instead, we pack our children full of premium (and delicious!) fuel that will help them operate at peak performance during their school day.  And for those who are concerned about protein, you can rest assured that there is more than enough protein (along with essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients) in vegetables, legumes, and grains.

Our own journey away from animal products is a story in and of itself.  Up until five years ago, we were still happily eating meat and dairy products, totally clueless of the effects they were having on our bodies.  I was a cheese and ice cream addict, and my husband ate meat at least three times a day.  To ask him to give up meat would be like asking him to swim to the moon.  So, needless to say, it was a long and winding journey that brought us to our current plant-only status.  While we certainly encourage everyone to strive for cleaner eating, we don’t expect everyone to make the same radical life changes that we have made.  Any parents who want to feed their children animal products at home, are certainly welcomed to do so.  And, you can feel confident that we are feeding your children well-balanced diets of vital nutrients built from clean ingredients while they are in our care.

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