#raising millennial leaders

Learn Beyond Limits

What does millennial leadership look like? It’s not just about learning outside of the box. It’s realizing there was never meant to be a box to begin with.

Education cannot live inside a box. And neither can our students. Yet, for many, current educational practices can be a box, a set of walls that prevent you from real thinking and growth. 

Today, it’s time to invest in the kind of education that every child deserves – one of a kind. To take old and new ideas and make a new map. Chumash, algebra, Rambam, the scientific method, and a plant-based diet – it’s all connected. 

Menachem Mendel Academy provides a strong alternative to traditional public and exclusive private schools, encouraging an active connection with Judaism. Menachem Mendel Academy believes in a customized, integrated and holistic curriculum – where all knowledge stems from Torah. At MMA, math, science, history, social studies, reading, writing, and the arts are all taught through a Torah perspective, creating groundbreaking, unparalleled excellence in both the body and soul of education.

Our educators know real education is about cultivating the sense for exploration, the thrill of curiosity, and the ability to work together towards new heights. It’s seeing the world and everything in it as an opportunity for deeper, more meaningful impact. It’s knowing what you want, and having the tools and drive to make it happen. 

The world no longer needs professionals and leaders who can simply memorize data and spit back facts. We need critical thinkers, problem solvers, and solutions-oriented innovators who are confident, yet humble.  Able to take a stand, but willing to work together. Born to lead, born to serve. To do this, we reverse engineer our curriculum – working backward from these “end result” needs and build all of this into our philosophy and curriculum.  

What if future world leaders were strong men and women raised on Torah? Raised to think globally and act locally. The answer is in our reach. Join us, and help Menachem Mendel Academy prepare the learners of today to become the leaders we need tomorrow.