Cool, Creative Summer Ideas

It’s that last home stretch of the summer, and having your kids at home with “nothing” to do can drive any parent bonkers! 

We totally get it. The last days of summer can be enough to drive everybody crazy. It’s too hot to play outside and your emotional tank is starting to run empty. 

MMA ELC to the rescue! We have compiled some great indoor activities that should keep your littles entertained and give you a much needed sigh of relief. 

  1. Make these activities even more fun by creating an “I’m Bored” jar. Just put the activity on a piece a paper, fold it up and stick it in the jar. When your child is short on ideas, have him reach inside for the perfect activity that’s not boring!
  1. Family Slumber Party – Same as the older kids do…but with your littles! Popcorn, movies, and sleeping bags make this a night to remember for sure.
  1. Take advantage of all the great online resources that have popped up since the global lockdown!  Here are two great options to get you started:
  1. Go camping – INDOORS! Kids love to create tents, covered wagons, and caves with blankets and pillows. Pretend you’re up in the mountains and just have fun. Have a make believe fire and tell camp stories about your family, serve up some camping grub, and everybody loves S’mores for dessert!

5. Arts and Crafts – Kids love to paint and draw. Gather some crayons, washable markers, glitter glue, buttons, and other things you may have at the house and get creative! Have your child draw a picture of their favorite thing they did this summer or paint a picture that is worthy to hang on the refrigerator. Your kids will love that you did something creative with them. Who knows, maybe that favorite memory of the summer will be doing arts and crafts with YOU!